Shanahan Haflingers


We are located in Mechanicsburg, Ohio, and are home to more than 30 Haflingers. Our family has been showing draft Haflingers for more than 40 years. For us, breeding and showing is a family hobby deeply rooted in tradition. For us, it has always been something that brings our family together.

In addition to our show horses, our family operation includes five brood mares that we breed each year and several young horses that we are raising to eventually join our show string. Each year we take eight geldings on the road to show across Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan. At each of our shows we earn “points” as a part of the Haflinger and Hitch Pony Championship Series. The points we earn qualify us to attend the Finals in October. This year the Finals will be held in conjunction with The Big E in Massachusetts and will include $20,000 in prize money.

Our breeding operation today focuses on breeding smart and strong bloodlines. We put an emphasis on breeding for body structure, head carriage, healthy feet, and the innate desire to drive. The training of our horses includes teaching them to carry their head with presence, lifting their feet and most importantly, driving in step with their teammate in a smooth but strong manner. Today’s modern Haflingers are athletic, strong and sensible. We focus on breeding and raising those characteristics to ensure the longevity of the breed.

We welcome you to learn more about our family.