Meet Our Family


Showing draft Haflingers is most certainly a family hobby for us! Our family has been involved in the draft horse and Haflinger industries since before we can remember. Today, we continue the family tradition.

Bob (Dad)

As the son of a harness maker and grandson of a draft horse owner, I was born into the draft industry. Throughout my teen years I worked for several draft horse hitches. Eventually, I became the professional driver for Sterling Vision Shops and Cedar Farm Percherons. In 1995, I retired from showing professionally to spend more time with my family. Prior to, during and after my professional driving career, I drove for my own family hitches: Shanahan Harness Shop (owned by my family) and Haflinger Fohlen Bauer (owned by Missy’s family). Today, I own and operate a small construction company, Shanahan Structures. Building hoop barns for the agricultural and equine industries allows me to put my horse and livestock knowledge to use. I still drive most of the multiple hitches for Shanahan Haflingers. Most of all, I enjoy passing along my experiences to my three daughters.

Missy (Mom) 

I grew up riding and driving ponies and horses. Most of my favorite childhood memories include working with and showing my ponies. On any given afternoon growing up, I could have been found in the barn! Bob and I met at the Indiana State Fair in 1987 and my connection to the horse industry deepened. Bob and I worked for two Percheron hitches and continually helped our families’ Haflinger hitches. We made so many great memories at the shows with our friends and family! Still today, I love spending time with my family and our friends at the shows. Though I’ve passed on the driving to my daughters, I can still be found braiding, washing harness, cooking and any number of other things at the shows! In my “real” life, I am a fifth-grade teacher at Mechanicsburg Exempted Village Schools. For us, showing horses has always been, and will continue to be, a family hobby deeply rooted in tradition.


Jessica, Katlyn & Lesley (Daughters)

Growing up around the horses taught us so many life lessons! We truly credit the many, many hours spent in the barn with Mom and Dad to why we are successful today. Even as we grow up and begin to move away, we still make a point to come home and help work horses. You can find us at all of the shows laughing (and working!) So many of our favorite memories include showing horses and the countless hours spent preparing for the show ring.

Our Growing Family

We’re thrilled that our family is growing. Jessica’s husband, Cambell, is also deeply involved with the horses. Their daughter, Kennedy, also joins us at the shows!